December 16, 2012


Its cold,however its going to be fun thanks to Jukka. He heard I was in town from some Homeboys out of Queens NY.He showed up within 36 hours of me being in his city."Lets go and see some garages,bring your camera" He says to me.In all my travels so far, I am very intrigued with the Finnish people and their kindness,non-aggressive lifestyle even when drinking you under the table they remain sharp and non-violent.
I have 5 more weeks to go,happy to be here.

Unu Vinahava from Tamahawk Town,big guy with a big heart.

The man himself,thank you so much for showing me around Jukka,best damn driver  ive met.

"Big Mama" Enough said....

Loads of Mexican food,expensive although they show respect.


The Road Pilots factory key blanks with their own key machine.

Harri Koski,thank you again.


WhitelinePsycho said...

On the road again, great shit !!!

bbelk said...

i hope ur comin' back home with that black jacket!!!!!? that shit's beyond..

motoguru. said...

I love Finland. I need to get back there soon.