May 28, 2013

The Lost Waves

"I wrote this sitting in the back
Of that triple black with the picnic tables
Twisting up snacks, my Cuban link cables prove I'm in the majors
A prime time playa', high quality rhymes
Earn these wages allowing me to make wagers double your life savings
We on yachts waving!!

I never hustled with no lames, why would I begin?
I'm surviving in the game where many don't win
But loser ain't my name mane', that's one of them
I'm gripping wood grain, got a book full of poems
Listening to Hadji, wishing he was w/me
But he’s not, so we smoke a whole ounce for Gang Green
Zoom Nation playboy we the Wave Team"

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My brother finally gets a book published,congrats kid,good luck.


Rene EFE said...

That's cool dude. Got a link from where you could order?

Retsinas said...

Hey,yeah I just added the link.Thanks for asking about it.


jimmy monk said...

Ahhh Des Moulins...