November 26, 2020


for family, for my badass girl, my homies, my job, my country


November 23, 2020


A couple years back was a tough time for me. I left the Balkans on a bus through Skopje headed into Northern Greece to see family. After a few days, I flew out to see my friend Elena and charge up in Cyprus.

"Pub Fiction" was open and it was a bar full of Cypriots that were passionate about music and friendship. I just happened to walk by and see a couple club bikes parked outside. I met the owner Constantine, we started talking about construction and how he studied Civil Engineering. He plays in a band called "Mirror" all heavy Metal all day every day. This bar was just that, metal to the fullest possible stance.     

It's a place many hung out at especially anyone on two wheels. I had no idea that Cypriot Greek was spoken with a different dialect, it even sounded as if they were speaking a different language most of the time. They would soften it up for me so I could understand, which was thoughtful of them. Those were good people I met there. Photos by George Varnavides