glory days of gp

Part One




I love race tachs

Sam Brown's rides
Slingshot and crew riding down from Winnipeg, Canada.

Jerry in North Iowa showing some love.

Submitted from Bosse Jenson.
Thanks B!


Dustin's Sportster is for sale....Email me for a phone

High Five

High Five

Walkka run

Walkka run is organised 23rd time next saturday in Finland. Bikers meet outside Walkka Mc´s club house in Helsinki and ride together 150-200 km to some cosy camping in the countryside. There can be 500 bikes in the same line on the road. In the evening there is bands, beer and party. You can find some pictures from old rallies in their websites:
and some video:

Born Free 3

The lines on this bike never get old...

The Hater..?!

Great bikes, Great friends and good times.....still recovering..


Death to pissed off neighbors

I forgot I and I's Iphone in Sweden, so I cant post any of the trip untill I get it back. Recognizable Rick took these on his Iphone of me and Asa riding, and Felix levitating. Iphone. I miss everyone over there already. Its so rad in Sweden. Nicke is the best father ever. Rickard Beglert is very good looking. Iphone