February 27, 2013

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New Jersey

Jeff's bike /// Jersey shore

Got FUCKED UP last night

G and I went and saw Canadian hardcore band Fucked Up last night. We went back stage before the show and snapped some portraits of the band and then got amongst it during the show... G shot Colour - I shot B&W.

February 23, 2013

Belgium 1984 Mr.Jukka

 Belgium Arrows F1 in 1984
  Yellow Buick is Jukka's '84 Regal T-Type NHRA Stocker 3.8-liter V6 with turbo charger. Jukka set the NHRA N/SA class record back in 1991 at Texas Motorplex. The first and only Finn who ever had the NHRA record.Picture at the bottom taken at Alastaro,Finland
Thanks for everything Jukka tell all the Queens boys I said hello.