October 15, 2008

Japanese Classic Car Show - Irvine, CA: Part 2

Classic Mazda is really neat. Yes, this RX-2 is also rotary powered.
I don't what the deal is with this Mazda but its small. Girls go crazy over small cute cars. I would rather drive this than a Nash Metropolitan anyday:
Mazda Cosmo. I believe they made these from 1967 to 1972. They first introduced the rotary motor in this one:
The Datsun "Sunny". What a cool name. I believe this early model was never for sale in the U.S. Years later, the Datsun Sunny eventually became the Nissan Sentra here in the U.S of A.
I had never seen one of these in person before.
Go Datsun Go.
The Datsun Fairlady:

Toyota Landcruisers are always represented:

Don't worry, I'll be back to chopper-bonanza photos soon.
You'll live.


Da Big Kahuna said...

I believe that the Sunny was sold in the US as the Datsun 1200 (B110) which was later replaced with the B210.

Also, I think that the red 4x4 in the Land Cruiser pictures is actually a Nissan Patrol.

Great pics... wish I had made an effort to go to the show.

Veroland said...

Killer FJ 40!