October 18, 2008

Japanese Classic Car Show - Irvine, CA: Part 3

Finally we get to the pickups. This Toyota 4x4 was real choice:

Hey, what the heck?
I think this one has a few extra parts, like 4 more pistons.
I'm pretty set on owning a Toyota Stout someday. I'm not one of them talkers either!
Yes, chicks love these:
Datsun trucks used to be my favorite until I got Toyota Fever a few years ago.
Oooh... there's some kulture in this Datsun, daddy-o:
This Toyota Hilux is pretty fucking cool though. Rarely see these around.
In fact I see more chopped Merc's and Chevy's than this old pickup:
Fun to look at:
I'm sure these Honda guys are fanatics:
It's the elusive Skyline:
I've never ridden in any of these old ones before.
"Hey Nelson - what up, dog! Been checking out that Church Of Choppers site! When you gonna post more choppers'n'shit? All you post lately is those old Jap cars!"
Hahaha... come on, brah! Are you complaining about a free website?
"No, no, I was just saying... I mean, it's cool but like... you know."
The End.


Anonymous said...

them ol pickemups are the shit !!

Anonymous said...

Hey man, thanks for posting the pic's of the Datto's and Toysmoka's, they are rad. I like the cycles too but these are cool and you never see the real old ones around. My 91 Lux is the best vehicle I have ever owned, easy to find a soft spot for them when they serve you so well. Chur.
A kiwi fan.