March 5, 2009


Inside the factory.
Smell like old American motors with Japanese Wabi-Sabi taste.

Mako is shooting Chabott's Honda 50cc Little-Cub for next coming issue of HCC magazine.

Chabott Trimuph bobber.

Shinya now building a cool Ducati 750 for a Hollywood star, Brat Pitt.

Mako and I love this bike so much! Full of Shinya's imagination in this bike.

Yamaha SR. But why Kawasaki? Who cares.

view from upstairs.

I think Shinya look at his bikes from this sight to check how bike look like from the top.

Old Nissan Sunny A-type motor in front of his desk, and panhead sitting on his desk.

mad-max cafe style Suzuki GS.
Shinya doesn't care what bikes he choose to built. no matter.

Chabott style Trumpet cafe racer. I love this tail lamp.

Makonabe shooting Kimura-san for his magazine.

Shinya and frineds.

We had a chance to meet Shinya Kimura at his factory, Chabott Engineering the other day.
Chabotto locates in Azusa, CA. Next to his factory is cool hot rod shop.

Shinya retired from ZERO Engineering while ago, and he moved to this place.
But, if you know ZERO, this factory is just like ZERO.
I kinda felt strange being here because it seems like I was in Okazaki-City where ZERO located.

Place doesn't matter, also bikes doesn't matter for Shinya's imagination.
He is a true artist.


lforney said...

goddammit, Shinya for fucking U.N. Secretary General

The Dutch said...

What vision... un-be-fuckin-lievable. Larry from PA

Nix said...

Shinya is my fave.

Rockford said...

None better. Period.

Cris said...

OUTSTANDING. C.O.C. thanks for posting this!


Ashley said...


Luke Brown said...

No No Shinya for Attorney General. ...LSD Creativity with Ridilyn focus.

One of the nicest people, and his wife knows how to set up the shop with the fend shui.

Thanks again for everything Shinya.

Noot said...

The green "Zero" sign by the Suzuki GS was painted by my friend Bob Spina from Vegas. Thanks for the photos Motoyan ! -Noot

Skot said...

Wabi-Sabi defines this japan style, would love to hear comments on this.

steveb said...

the shop is the shit, artists - fuck yea

motoyan said...

Wabi-Sabi on Wiki