July 28, 2010

Hot like a mother fucker

 About 110 in the shop. 8hrs of welding with no fans. Soaking wet
all the way to the belt line. Riding home was like riding through
an oven. The air was even hotter. It's strange when the wind
won't cool you.
Jesse lee

Hey Jeff,
 I saw all the hot garage posts today so I thought i'd send in
my picture.  Only difference between me and those guys
is my garage is outside and covered by a pop up. 
The pop up cools the 110 degree heat here in
Las Vegas but i'm still sweatin'.

Thanks, Michael

 Here in Michigan the heat index is an even 100,
it rained so much over night the humidity is up
along the highest it has been all year. I was
cutting a seatpan last night for one of my
projects and looked up at my rack of jackets
and saw it has been so humid lately there is
mold growing on the leather. Thinking the
best way to beat the heat today would be a ride,
I went for one and got nailed by rain. I was so
soaked through after a couple minutes I just
wanted to get home as quick as possible,
I shouldn't have wore the open face today.
What a nasty week.

From I forgot to save this info

Been working in the garage for the past few weeks.. and it has
been the hottest here lately. I have to wrap a old t shirt around
my head so i can even work, while keeping the sweat outta
my eyes.. or off of my clear safety glasses.
this is my current project though..
2003 Triumph Speedmaster America.. 23" Front  18" Rear
hope you can get some progress.. I want to get this
done pretty quick.

Brad Luke

  Jeff, I have been working in my garage almost
EVERY night with no air. Here in Pennsylvania
we have had like 30 straight days 90+ degrees
and 85+ %humidity. FUCKING HOT! finally
got my shovel back on the road. I did cheat one night.
Doing the assembly of my 4 speed, on the kitchen
table. Just too many fuckin bugs in the garage.
Anyway,keep up the good work!


 I was in the garage last night wrenchin on the
triumph. it was 90 degrees and felt like 105 here
in Lizton In

Colt Mitchell

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grant said...

around 16 deg c in notts no probs even in the garage nice!!!