July 23, 2010

Oh yeah

 From Ms.Divine to you, On going through your profile,I decided to send you this mail because i will like us to get to know each other very well so that i can inform you of my reason to reaching you which got me interested in you and appreciate your maturity because i like matured minded person. Reply me so that i can send you more informations about myself and explain more about my future to settle down and get married and also go into investments with you.

I have my pictures to send you and explain more about myself as soon as i hear from you. I will be awaiting to hear from you.

Your's Affectionately, Ms.Divine.


9half said...

Wierdo say huh?

Davecat said...

Dude, she sounds hot!

howard kelly said...

Damn...I thought she was serious about me when I got that email...cheating bitch....

IMT Transport said...

was she going through your profile or your stash?

jimmy monk said...

I know her,
she's a Nigerian refugee. Her name is Dr Joy-Joy Adebachi.
I gave her my bank details and when the Nigerian Minister of Electicity releases her familys money.
It's gonna be pretty fucking sweet.
Oh yeah.

Tha_Goblin said...

Back off guys!
she's all mine!