August 2, 2010


heyy i was just searching through profiles and found your's, and i gotta say you're positively sexy. i think you should message me on msn, my chat name is

oh btw im not talking to strangers who i dont know so just tell me it's Jeff if you decide 2 message me, thanks! 

Do people really fall for this shit?


Icon Motosports said...

Dude, why are you chatting with my girlfriend??!!

spuddley said...

I think that's the cover girl on the latest (July) Cosmopolitan magazine - UK edition. "Pixie Power - Being Single Makes Me Sparkle!". I need to get that printed on a t-shirt for ME to wear.

Lilli said...

One of the annoying guys that hung around the shop/payed for the shop racecar actually fell for the Nigerian Prince scam a couple of years ago. The ironic part is, he says tons of racist shit, but somehow thought he had a long lost, multi-millions dollar, Nigerian uncle.
Makes me smile when ever i think of it.

Gofannon said...

Don't bother dude. I hear she gets around.