August 4, 2010

Standing Mile Triumph POS

As the title say, this is my Triumph in it's Texas Mile set-up. It's a $2800 rebuilt title wad of machinery that i beat mercilessly. Street, road race track days, long rides, and standing mile races. I wanted one since high school and am doing my best to make up for the 7 years i had to wait to buy this one.

-Matt Michaels
 Chicago IL (Texas raised)


Mat Esguerra said...

Dig it. All Business.

luke said...

tuff. no info on what it ran in the mile??

Skylar said...

Hell Yes

Lilli said...

First time down the track was supposed to be a shake down, but it felt good so i just stayed in it. I was blown away when the slip said 156mph. That was 12mph faster then last year! I made two other runs, but only bumped it up to 157mph. I was more then happy with the bike and how the weekend went.