August 2, 2010

Tag 2

Dateline: Vernon Co. WI
The deer was struck and killed by a car traveling South on Hwy 35 aprox 1/2 mile south of the County line. It appears 1 headlite was killed in the making of this photograph.
Artist's comments:
The smell was something akin to being downwind of a rendering facility in August just before a rainstorm. Obviously, this two day old carcus has quite a bit of bloating left to go, but the torn flesh on the left foreleg is as appatizing for the flies as a virgin on prom nite. About two days too early for the maggots, but it's hard to get good maggots anymore.
I particularily like the way the rear leg contrasts to the guard rail - and the color of the police identification paint, put there to let the people from the mink farm know it is OK to pick up this deer to feed the minks, sets off the flat black tag, as well as the sticker.
Please dont waste stickers on these vermin. 


Mat Esguerra said...

Brillant in vision and execution.

Boonie said...

Very nice prose indeed...I'm hoping to fill my tag this week...Looking...looking...looking...