March 30, 2011

Billy T thinking about the Isle of Man TT coming up.

There will be 4 of us on the Isle from June 3 - 7
Anybody out there have a place for us to stay?


Unknown said...

The coolest place we found last year was called the "HQ" in Douglas. It was a hotel -hostel-restaurant all owned & run by a husband and wife. We only spent time in Douglas which is closest to the pits & start/finish. Probably the most bike crazy locale too {in volume@least} So find the Headquarters & your good for a few days KT

Nick said...

I'm jealous! Thats bad ass! Someday i plan to make it there.

Rene EFE said...

I guess you guys are aiming for a hotel? Get e-mailing asap as this year is to be quite special again, hence a lot of folk coming over. I rung up my regular campsite a month or 2 ago and they were already fully booked.