March 18, 2011

Hello my old friend

"Since I became a (CID) commercial licensed driver, I have left you behind, but alas in my search for nuts n bolts we meet again. Lying dormant in my tool box for so many years. The every cool, practical and sexy, "dug out box". a small wooden box that contains a decent amount of weed and a smoking devise that appears to be but just a mild mannered cigarette. You my old friend, have been outlawed for oh so so many years by our government,  but yet it is fine for me to drink booze, get drunk, into fights, black out and waste my liver on any weekend. My old friend, mister dugout, when will America wake up"......Name withheld


E said...

Self-evident truth.

Glennon said...

Back home, we call that there a secret agent cigarette.

CycleDelicCycles said...

No fuckin doubt.