March 18, 2011

Issue 37 Release Party TOMORROW!!

Dice Mag and Foundry Moto team up again for what will be the second release party for Dice at the infamous Foundry Moto Compound in Phoenix Arizona. This is a must go!! This event will blow the 2007 Dice party out of the water. From music to skating, bikes to broads, brews, illegal activity and good folk! well the illegal activity is never planned, but its no stranger... My fellow brothers in the Foundry family spare no expense when it comes to a good time, especially when Dice is in town to party! if you dont make it, no problem, just prepare for an overload of jealousy when you see the photos that escape from the festivities...

Check out some pics from Foundry's 2007 Dice party

Have a Great weekend and dont forget to Donate to Japan!


1 comment:

yosh1 said...

how do i get a hold of foundry moto now! ive been to the lfying stash a few times hoping it was open. i want some shiiieettt. im working here in az