March 21, 2011


p11-03-20R 016のコピー
p11-03-20R 021のコピーThis is the view of "Phantom Gate" where the all aid supplies got together, and we will go to Sendai from here.

p11-03-20R 102のコピー
p11-03-20R 109のコピー
p11-03-20R 122のコピー
Early in the next morning, we arrived Kesennuma(気仙沼)where Tsunami hit and destroyed most of the town.

p11-03-20R 196のコピー
p11-03-20R 186のコピー
p11-03-20R 144のコピー
Destroyed completely. We couldn't say anything. No words.

p11-03-20R 309のコピー
Huge fishing boat in a small river.

p11-03-20R 347のコピー
p11-03-20R 348のコピーNo medicine available until Tue.

p11-03-20R 315のコピーPeople are trying to find their friends and relatives.

p11-03-20R 218のコピー
p11-03-20R 280のコピー
p11-03-20R 335のコピー
p11-03-20R 354のコピー
p11-03-20R 359のコピー
p11-03-20R 360のコピーWe spread food to the people.
And those who could get our supplies, they cried and said "Thank you so much..."
Food, diapers, milk, etc, all those things are bought by your donation. and gasoline for our vans.
Gasoline saved an old man, who couldn't go to hospital because there were no car available because of lack of gasoline.
He had requiring dialysis.
If you donate $100.00, we can buy 100 of bottles of 2 litter water. And we can spread those bottles of water to 100 people.
And if we share a cup of water, may be we can share those water to 1000 people.
Your donation really saves these people lives. And I would like to say thank you guys.
Much love and respect. I can't say good enough.

Motoyan a.k.a. Hideyuki Usui


DutchmanPhotos said...

Wow... Very impressive. Keep up the good work & good luck!

Murdercycles said...

True bikers,
true patriots,
true humans.

motoyan said...

Thank you guys. I go north tomorrow again.
Thank you very much for donations.
I got lots of diapers and milks for babies this time. I bring them to the north.

Jeff Wright said...

John Wayne! Much respect!

Bobby Hanson said...

Good people of the Earth you are.

Bubble Visor said...

hart breaking...
stay strong
great work

will spread the word

Bubble Visor said...

oh, and your link does not work...

douglas said...