May 27, 2011

Finally printed the last 100 of the untitled contributor books. Photos by holly anderson, scott bourne, bill burke(legend), antonio cellini, chopperdave, cicero, deguzman jr, christer ehrling, sven 'el cheapo, juan and jesus espinoza y que, mark velour, gary griffin, dustin hiniker, nelson kanno, jason jessee, maki kurata, mark kawakami, josh kurpius, gary miller, mochi, motoyan, tim okeefe, grant peterson, scott pommier, trevelen rabanal, dina ropele, nicke svensson, ed templeton, billy voerman, jeff wright. The original Independent photo magazines documenting the personal sides, and personal spaces of some custom motorcycle builders. Im happy that people with more means are continuing the tradition. Thats what it was always about. Making mags that didnt have to be what the publishing houses wanted. DIY


Micro said...

hell yeah!

kopptl said...

where can we get one?