May 2, 2011


 Last night Mr Chopper Sweden had a little party in his workshop
We were a nice bunch of old friends from around sweden that had met up to have a few beers and just hang.
At around 10pm he had shown us some nice pics from when he entered the chopper scene in the 70th just to get us in a good psycedielic mood.
Then he pulled forward a frame with a gastank, seat,  gearbox, rear fender and said:
Now my friends we are gonna build a Chopper, I will be the Judge and you will have to vote on what parts to use and then build the thing.
 First we had to agree on the oiltank and install it.
Then we had 3 engines to chose from.
 We went for the knuckle and decided a 18" rear wheel would also be perfect.
 When the fork was decided some of us thought it would be a little too long to use a 21" front wheel but we went for it anyway and wow.
 Well, we sure needed a long kickstand to match the rest of the bike.
 Some parts were found in a classic "fishing pond"
 Someone said "I have a perfect Pullback in my car" and went for it.
 ...on wheels and almost finished....
Just need some pipes, hmm....too many choices.....
 Well, you cant beat this....
 We are finally done at midnight.
Thank you Sinners Sweden brothers!

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CHVRCH said...

Cool stuff!
Thanks for these photos!