June 15, 2011

High Five and One

Friday night the EFMC invited a large
group of us into their club house.
I can not say enough to show
my gratitude for their hospitality.
They treated all of us as one would wish
while being in a building of complete biker utopia.

Tom, Moose, Frank, Dirty, Charlie, Beaver, Humps, Billy, Frog, Danti, Heavy, Steve, Stick, Kelly, Bill, and many more have become good friends of mine over the years. 
I have nothing but complete respect for this club.
Thank all of you very much!
And a big thank you Tom for sharing your photos with us.


Unknown said...

That chariot small block thingy is awesome. Holy shit!

Denver Dan said...

Had the time of my life!!
Thank you to the EFMC
and to Jeff,Fatty, John and the whole DesMoines gang..
These people and these times are what its all about..

Brad @ FTWCO said...

Killer Bikes, Guys, and Apple Pie!
thanks EFMC,