March 25, 2013

1979 Big Block Tahiti

I grew up camping at Lake Nacimiento in CA.  20 miles north of San Luis Obispo and 10 miles west of Paso Robles.  I've always wanted a little flat bottom jet boat that throws a 120ft rooster tail and scoots.  Well, after years of drooling over a few my friends boats, I found one that was a steal of a deal and finally pulled the trigger!
Picked it up from an old guy in Lake Isabella who bought it from a guy named Cy, who bought it from a guy named Matt!  I went to the local hardware store in Isabella right after I hooked it up, and a guy who worked there said, "Hey man, where'd you get that boat? My buddy Matt and I built that thing from the ground up a few years ago".  I said no Shit!? I got it from Greg down the road.  I then ended up meeting everyone who has touched this boat since its been in the stage its in now, and Cy came to the lake Saturday AM to show me how everything runs etc etc. Super cool dude!
Old man Greg had some bitchen Harley tattoos too!

SPECS on "Liquid Metal"
- 454 Big Block Chevy- 550 HP -675HP est w/ 2 Stage 125 Shot of NOS.
- Aluminum Heads and Roller  Rockers.
- 1150 Holley Dominator Carb
- Holley Black Fuel System.
- Two 12 Gal tanks o' Gas
- High Output Starter and Alternator
- Berkley JG Big Bowl Pump with drop snoot.
-Hydraulic Place Diverter (ROOSTER!)
- Need a new name for her


WhitelinePsycho said...

Gotta love tiny bodies stuffed full of monster motor, Aximal's Jet-Axe, or Rabid Rooster.

Christopher Wallaker said...

Ive heard It's bad luck to rename a boat

Christopher Wallaker said...

Ive heard It's bad luck to rename a boat

jimmy monk said...


Andy said...

i've wantend something over-powered that mildly floats for a while. this rules.

GoneWithTheSunset said...

I can damn near hear it.

pushrodmofo said...

Yep - call it "Rooster"

Cornell said...

Suck My Wake.