March 5, 2013

Ian Mitchell

Hello Jeff,
             Here are some pictures from about 1980 -1987 . I lived out in the East of England on a farm . I rode old bikes around the farm untill I was sixteen and got a road bike (50cc) started going to the local tech collage and met my friends who shared a similar taste in bikes , mostly british and italian stuff . Pretty much all the British stuff got cafe raced and lots of time was spent hanging out at each other's ( parents ) houses  changing bits and pieces in an attempt to get a few more M.P.H. out of them . Good times with good friends and some great bikes got built . 

 Aiden O'Neil busted for nothing at all . The Local traffic cops would pretty 
much stop bikes on sight back then .
 Monkey cage at the Zoo !
 BSA Bantam field bike , not working. Got it running , built a jump ramp , hurt myself.
Lawrence wheeling out his Shed built T150 wideline Triton .
Lawrence,Jane,Phil and Little Nick

Great photos Ian! Thank you much!

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WhitelinePsycho said...

That's a whole mess of hair, cool pics.