March 8, 2013

Juha Kallio

So I posted this video awhile back..I fucking love it! Anyway, we (FTW Co.) will doing a little sponsoring of this guy. He is racing Isle of Man, The NW200, and the Southern 100. Check him out here Facebook. Follow & give him some words. We are SUPER stoked to get a email from this guy, let alone getting some stickers on his bikes. Oh yeah, here is his Instagram link also.


tmracer said...

have a caravan booked for trackside at the nw200 from wed night til sunday so will keep an eye out for this guy and try and get some ftwco pics, cheers Adam N.I.

motoguru. said...

Us Finnish people rule.

Mitch said...

that's soo bad ass. Supernatural how he controls that bike in the snow. Or anywhere for that matter!