July 10, 2013

Born Free 5 Adventure

Time. I swear its just flying by. Its been almost two weeks and I am just getting around to this.

As everyone knows this show is pretty unreal. I mean, there is something for everyone there, and not just SOMETHING, but the best of that something. My absolute favorite part though is getting to hang out with friends that I might only get to see a few times a year. This year, on Friday, we just kicked it and watched the sun go down at the show grounds......the day before the chaos. Hanging with Matt & Dean, Austin "LA's unofficial ambassador", Curtis from Vans, my family at Loser Machine, and the rest of our group, was so rad. The next day was just overload, I lost my voice from talking so much. I spent the majority of the day socializing/catching up with Denver Dan, Brawny, Len, and Marco from Mach Modified. Solid fucking group of dudes right there. Priceless shit. Bikes come and go but friends are forever.

By the way, Brawny, Chopper Dave, and Andy Carter really knocked it out of the park with their builds. All of the invited builders did an amazing job, but the above three bikes were special in my eyes.
 Got her all nice and cleaned up for sea level wheelies

As you can see, great excuse for a rental truck

Matt, Curtis, and I. This is faster than you would think.
 Tonino and Curtis. When only one guy is sober, nuts to buts is the best option. Although I suggested spider.

 Free tattoos on Friday

 ZON, great sporty.

......and people think my buell looks fun. Phfff, this thing is the cats pajamas.

Marco from March Modified. Internet friends turned real friends. Can't wait to get some speed from this guy. 

You killed it Brawny!

Dave, crushing.

Andy's Pan

Our gracious host, and one of my best friends, Matt Davis...his dog charlie....and his FXRT

Three deep on the way back
UTAH, its the best home ever


Jeff Wright said...

Nice! Wish I could have gone. Thanks for sharing.

Marco Modified said...

Jake my main man! great getting to chill and chat with you! ...and Jeff we all missed you!