July 8, 2013

Weekend on the bike

A weekend full of good friends, spectacular weather and legendary bikes.

Saturday Badr and I went to Bikers Classics 2013 at the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. It's a weekend full of racing on bikes from the 60's throuth to the late eighties. Some were treated as you'd expect; stupidly expensive racebikes that most would want to see preserved in a museum and ridden as such, but most were ridden as if it was the last race of the championship and everyone was in chance of claiming it. I was blown away of the sheer number of absolutely amazing bikes. I could've filled my day with just a few, taking pictures of 'em and talking to their respective owners about the story behind them, but there were probably over a 1000 bikes there, all historic, all legends.



looks like a great event . thanks for sharing your photos .

WhitelinePsycho said...

An orgasmic array of bikes, nice work man !!

Jeff Wright said...

Fucking great! Thanks for sharing!!!