September 3, 2013

Big Twin Dreams

I'd been looking for a Shovelhead for a while when this one popped up on Craigslist in North Jersey one day.  1974 Cone Shovel for a ridiculously good price.  Only problem was that the bike was totally flooded about a year ago in Hurricane Sandy.  The guy was honest about the damage so I took a trip up there solo and a couple hours later had this thing in the back of my truck.  I've slowly been getting in to rebuilding it so here are some photos:

The day I picked it up:

Testing it out for spark and basically just checking the extent of the damage:

Clutch was rusted solid and eroded from being under salt water:

Put a new one on:

 Everytime we tried to kick it over shit water shot out of the motor:

 Well I'm siked to say that we fired that thing up last week for the first time and it sounds and runs solid.  Obviously we have a lot more work to do but hearing that thing run was definitely some encouragement.  This is what the oil running through the motor was looking like with all the sand and water mixed in:

To celebrate, we through a pool party Philly style:


WhitelinePsycho said...

Lookin like you got lucky all round, neat post.

Greg said...

It's scary how clean it looks before you even started working on it. Good Luck and have fun with it.