October 16, 2013

An interesting ride

I've been going to the Isle of Man for the racing for years now. Met a lot of cool people and ended up staying at someone's place for the last few years at no cost at all. It even includes free food, shower and the lady of the house does our washing while we howl around the island at stupid speeds.

What you don't see during the hectic time that is the TT festival, is the history and heritage that can be found on the island, it's beautiful and there's tons to see.

When the gf and me were planning our yearly vacation, it was decided to travel back to the island and show her what I had been on about all these years. Took my tiny van and stuck my 125 scooter in the back of it, so we still had something on 2 wheels to make our way around on.

2nd or 3rd day I wanted to go out for a ride, just before it would go dark. Since the gf got her license she doesn't want to go pillion anymore, we decided that she'd be on the controls, and I just point her in the direction where she had to go and I would take some pics.

This is what happend;

We turned onto the course at Ballig Bridge, right before the sweeping Glen Helen section

Going over the crest after Sarah's you'll find this sign;

For those that don't know; on the Isle of Man, this means you can go as fast as you like/can/dare. Whichever comes first.

Through Kirk Michael

Short run to Ballaugh, 2 wheels of the floor over the bridge. (if you're a racer)

Quarry bends, fast, my favorite bit.

Ginger Hall, coming up to Ramsey

May Hill, just before the hairpin. It was going dark a lot quicker than expected.

Hairpin (differtent day, obviously) It's silly steep in real life

Ramsey, from the Gooseneck

Went really dark after this.

Dunlop Memorial at the Bungalow. The King of the Mountain next to our weapon of choice.

Downhill after the Creg


View from the startline


Union Mills

Glen Vine

The Crosby

Greeba Castle


And back though Ballaspur where we started.

I've lapped the course countless times but this is the most memorable to date. Going back for the TT in 7 months, can't wait. And after that, if all goes as planned, I get the finances and bike sorted, I might even give it a real go myself.



Nice post !

CHVRCH said...

Best post!

Dan Yoder said...

Seriously awesome, thanks!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Absolutely wonderful, thanks a bunch.

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spuddley said...

what they wrote! And what a sign to come upon . . . . . "balls, RPM or pavement, which will run out first?".

GoneWithTheSunset said...

That is too cool!

buffalobisonhead said...

great ideaa, great pics!

Did you get a lap time?

Rene EFE said...

Thanks guys. I think it took us a little under an hour to do the 37 miles. The raceboys do it under 18 minutes. Topspeed of the 125 is about 55 2-up. Going to rebuild it over winter because it should easily do 70+.

Nanno said...

Do it my good man!