December 19, 2013

Cool radio station.
Its free.
Small business.
TV sucks.
Knowing what songs next sucks.
Pandora sucks.

I started a link on the right.
Such a convenient way to hit them.
Weekly updates on this.

Feel free to leave in comments or email me any sweet independent online radio stations.
Bluegrass, Punk, Country, Heavy, International, Etc...


Davidabl said...

Great find. and a great idea.. I'll be looking forward to hearing a lot of music that i haven't heard before.

"weekly updates on this"

This hunt for regional stations that have escaped the scourge of "clear channelization" is a great idea..

Pandora doesn't exactly suck..but this is better

jimmy monk said...

I want to go on a pub crawl on a snowmobile

spuddley said... - listener sponsored radio, always live DJ's. I have been listening for 25 years. every type of music under the sun.

spuddley said...

PS - above comment about and listening for 25 years - it's 88.1 in the St. Louis area airwaves.