January 10, 2014

No Motorcycle Joyriding


Davidabl said...

Back in the day "joyriding" meant stealing somebody's auto or bike just to drive it around for awhile.
Not "riding for joy" which is what all motorcycling is really about.

Certainly it's FU to the first meaning and FU-NOT to the other:-)

Davidabl said...

For examples of the first meaning check out the actions of "Dean Mortiarty"(Neal Cassidy in real life) in Kerouac's book 'On The Road'..

In his youth Cassidy occasionally wound up in jail for
"joyriding' cars.

Davidabl said...

Of course nowadays, if you're car/truck has been taken for a "joyride" by some teens there's probably to be some damage to it afterwards and you're more than likely gonna to be stuck with impound,storage and towing fees $$$…Even if the only "damage" when you get your ride back is that the radio is tuned to a hip-hop station that you've never heard of (true story)

Chad Vance said...

All business