March 12, 2014

Hi Jeff,

The latest post on CoC from Hobbs on two wheels was really a good read. 
I can totally feel what he was saying.
I grew up with motorcycles around me. My dad spent his youth in 
Baltimore and he has some good stories to tell about that period, but 
also about riding and wrenching when he came back to Germany in the late 
60s. So, sitting on a motorcycle has always been natural to me, but at 
the same time riding bicycles has always been important to me too!(with 
not being legal for a drivers licence and living in a small community, 
you had to have a bike)
At the moment I am torn between my BMW restoration, roadracing bikes and 
my MTB. The phrase "forever two wheels" is actually ever-present in my 
daily routine. To make a long story short, as a graphics designer and 
prospective illustrator I wanted to give these words a distinctive 
expression(in german) on the walls of the shop I´m sharing with some 
friends, some roadbikes and motorcycles.

Best regards from northern Germany

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