April 15, 2014

Been a while

Plenty of stuff going on round mine.

Rebuilt the racescooter and made it all shiny.

And then I go and crash it in the first practice of the year, writing off a brand new Arai in the process

Got another bike as well

100€ bike, owner couldn't get it running right. Few hours of work and it runs like a dream. It's a '92 Suzuki GSX 1100 G, 70k miles, shaftdrive, huge tank, perfect for touring.

Bit of sanding

Bit of paint

In between I had some time on the dyno with the 7/11. Never had it properly set up since first building it last year.

140+ at the wheel and counting. Have some work left and if all goes well, we should be close or over 150Bhp.

Friends were having a party in the UK so I thought it'd be a good laugh to turn up without telling anyone. Good way of finding out if 100€ can buy you a good bike.

400 miles, 4 countries and a ferry-crossing later

Some cool bikes out


And back home. Didn't miss a beat, didn't use any oil. I think I'll take this to the TT too.

(If you're wondering; yes, I am a Big Suzuki-fan)


WhitelinePsycho said...

Jappa bike heaven man, some killer examples in there . . . better a brand new Arai than a silly old head.

Steve W said...

7/11 on a dyno! Awesome! Dyno curves???

Rene EFE said...


Red line was the final run. AF is still all over the place, but a lot better than when I came in.

Sideburn Magazine said...

What have you done to get 140bhp out of an 1100?

Rene EFE said...

Very healthy motor, Exhaust craft bespoke racepipe, Factory advancer, 36cv's with K&N's. Have Dyna's to go on and I might start looking at headwork and different cams at some point.