May 1, 2014


To paraphrase a study of Doveton by sociology academics during the 1960s (The results of the study were published in the book 'An Australian Newtown' written by Lois Bromified and Faith Thornigton the 3rd in 1972) -  'Doveton' is a visible world ruled by love and fire. The type of love that my sisters second husbands 3rd wife had in the front seat of her beat up commodore at five in the afternoon with her cross dressing female boss mixed with the type of fire that happens with the words insurance claim. Tender!

We liked Doveton, we rode down there to check an Ironhead for sale - 3.5k fixer upperer. We rolled through the streets, the sun shone warmly on our backs and if we got too hot, ice was readily available to cool us down.

Sadly, the bike was too far gone.

We did burnouts.

We rode home.

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