May 23, 2014


Lightning filled the skies from Fitzroy to Ormond last evening, as warm air clashed with a cold front moving in over the country. Tyres were sliding, our minds were flying and as we lane split peak hour to the TOT - with one Pan rider standing out from the awesome... As HST once said "some people will tell you that slow is good - but I'm here to tell you that fast is better" - and while I've always believed this - Juicy has it tattooed to his soul.

We basked in his hottest of hot exhaust as he wound his pan past the ton, reading the flow like a mathematician, finding gaps where no gaps existed. We followed with an emotion that was half bewildered respect, half WTF as we watched this man ride with an insane abandon mixed with the kind of luck that that will see him winning the lotto next week. And cashed up he will fly the big tube north to spend the remainder of his days on the party island of Ibiza.

Dance Juicy, DANCE!

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