May 7, 2014

last week, day one

I recently read an article in a rag that basically speculated with when a dude thinks his bike is "done"; either from the factory or from their own hands, most of us think our gear is dialed in when we head down the driveway. As I read the piece I was thinking about the trip I had planned. I've rolled around quite a bit, I should be good. 
Had I realized that I was about to embark on a 500 mile shake-down, I would have brought thicker gloves and a bit more tape.

With the dog walked and fed, the plan was to head to FoCo and chill with friends, wait out a winter storm for a day then head straight west down the 14 and 40. 
 20' out of the Eisenhower tunnel

 North on I-25
 FoCo waiting for her shift to end

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