May 8, 2014

last week, day two

I woke up the next day expecting to enjoy some mini-donuts while I jammed down the highway to Denver. One slipped out of my hands and as I watched it fall to the pavement I noticed my oil tank wobbling like a drunken lot-lizard. Two of three mounts had snapped when a bolt came loose and provided wiggle room; only the lines were holding it in place.  

After cobbling it together I hauled ass back up to Summit before the storm crept over from the West. Back in the garage, everything was welded back up to better-then-before. Too easy? Yup. While pre-heating (after cleaning) some left over solvents reached their flash point and deposited a few 2nd degree burns on my face. Lessons learned: wear your safety shit and don't work tired. I was real lucky this time.

1 comment:

Paul said...

Been there done that! Working in a "Rush" can untimately create a Rush... Fuck That!