June 15, 2014

 Micro - Under the Influence
 Paul Theobald - Jacob Dirt
 Rachel Tea & Harry Morgan - Death Before Dishonour
 Get Patched - Saved
 D' Face - Untitled
 Tom Armstrong - Better Late Than Never
 D' Face - No Where
 Stabs - Stabs in the Dark
 Jay Chapman - Fuck Johnny Law
 Tim Kill - Orlung
 Ornamental Conifer - Bored of Burnouts
Ran - I say Fuck!


WhitelinePsycho said...

Totally dig Jay Chapman's and Ran's, not saying I don't like the others either.

Jay Everyday said...

Right on Micro!

Theo said...

All these helmets are fucking rad!

The name on the lid second from top should be Paul Theobald. And the helmet's called Jacob Dirt.

Micro said...

Fixed Theo

Jeff Wright said...