June 3, 2014

Jaha Kallio

 Here is some pictures from TT. It have awesome time in here. I have build my speed all to time and just take a save ride. In first race I did great work but  mountain sections were wet and ride that place like girl. Third lap my visor got frost so I have to take extra pit stop. Tomorrow I'm gonna do better work. Its was sad and terrible news that we lost Karl Harris. I just apoke with him couple days ago and said to me that take a save ride. And that's what I gonna do.
Rip Bomber
Juha Kallio


Rene EFE said...

Got some good pics today. I'll post 'em asap.

OldStuffsFuckinMental said...

Stay safe man, even riding "like a girl" is still hugely quicker than most of us would even dare, so stay safe, have fun and go!