June 2, 2014

Single Track Mission

Normally its late June before the snowpack melts off enough to ride any higher elevation stuff here in Utah. American Fork Canyon is such a killer spot and they have a ton of really fun, technical, and well maintained trails. This weekend I went up for the first ride of the season and I was blown away at the lack of snow, we only ran into one spot, that was uncrossable since it was so off camber. Super fun day and cant wait to more to come!

 I was King for a moment

Alex and his trusty XR400

Tonino took his eye off the trail for a millisecond and that resulted in hanging his 530 up for a rest

Said snow section

I decided to go down and around. All was well until the last pitch that resulted in two somersaults. It felt great on my shoulder. If only you could see the steepness.

My least favorite part: cleaning gear and bikes. Always takes forever. BUT, at least you're always prepared for a 'last minutes notice' ride. 

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