July 13, 2014

to mr monk!

 It's been storming and cold. Clocking up the miles on the 93" business shovel. Note: Shovels are a pain in the arse.
 Walked over Cape Woolamai. Sat on the seat under the light tower. Watched the dog chase the kangaroos. Lucky the Roo's are faster. Turned around to see the ocean connected to the sky.
 My god daughter has moved in from Edinburgh. (that's in scotland)
 Glendyn did a photo set of this for a magazine
 So I stuck my finger up his nose by way of thanks
 Ran wasn't in town.
 Hunter was
 Matilda turned 8. She is standing in front of the outcrop where Ornamental Conifer and Steph were recently married.
Had coffee with my old mate Mongrel at his house.

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jimmy monk said...

Give my best to Mongrel!
My goddaughter is called Matilda.