January 13, 2015

Want to introduce you do “Return to Del Mar” in hopes you could ride, bring a custom bike, attend the race or if possible support the event through a vendor presence.
The promoter just got this info together Sunday, sorry for the late notice. If you can’t make this weekend your welcome to attend the last two races.  The Return to Del Mar is a 3 race series.
Vendors spots. For $500.00 bucks you get a vendor spot in the venue for all three races. It’s cheap!
Free Custom bike parking in the venue if you’d like to bring bikes to the show. It’s a beautiful venue and will show very well.
Dates are
January 16-17
February 14-15
March 7-8
More SoCal races to come. To be included in future promotions and flyer please contact Brian Bell.
Brian Bell [mailto:ivflattrack@gmail.com) for any questions  or details you can find details on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/IVLeagueFlattrack
Brian is a great guy and his heart is in the right place. His ultimate goal is to get the DelMar Mile back on the Schedule. We’d love to help him do that.
Thanks for your support,

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