June 4, 2015

2,123 miles LOTS OF FXR

2,123 miles. 7 Days(5 riding). 4 States. 2 Border Crossings

5.26: Bikes packed and ready to go. Still waiting on my Ohlins rears to show up. Should've arrived the previous Saturday, long story short, FedEx fucked up so im stuck waiting.

5.27: Supposed to depart at 6AM but say fuck it, im going to pick up my box! Bike is on the lift, no shocks, waiting to mount up and go. I would've been poking my eyeballs out for 7 days knowing I had the "creme de la creme" of suspension waiting for me when I got home. Got the box, jam home, install in 15 minutes and ready to hit the road. Do the 440 miles to Vegas in 5.5 Hrs. In Vegas for 36 hours for work. 

5.29: Depart Vegas at 6AM en route to San Felipe to see some friends down there for the El Diablo Run.....and to get the best Ice Cream known to Man, THRIFTY. Another 400'ish miles, this time about 7.5 hrs.

5.30: San Felipe to Ensenada. Great canyon road and welcomed cooler temp change. Once all bikes were in the parking lot, there were more people that it looked like in San Felipe.

5.31: Ensenada to Long Beach. Stopping in San Diego for breakfast with a friend. Then straight to my brothers at Suicide Machine Co to chat and have them babysit my bike. Catch a flight to Portland that night for work the next two days.

6.2: Land at 10:30PM, grab my bike from SMco and jam to Barstow for some sleep.

6.3: Barstow to SLC. Longest day of the trip, 600Miles.

Amazing trip. Huge smile making that mileage with ZERO issues. Just need a wash now since I cleaned out the entire west coast bug population.

Oh and the OHLINS.....100% worth the investment. If you are on the fence, do it. Thanks Brawny for lining me up.

Here is a little video as well.
 Box Of Goodies
 Three Pack



Room With a View

 Hottest Baby Sitter ever. Thanks SMco.

 Recharge(I got jokes)




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Dig this story. I miss being out there!

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