July 2, 2015

Taking a lap to Pike's Peak day 3

 shit gas and way toasty weather brings us to full-retard. 30,000 miles on a Truett&Osborn ironhead

 The Lone Duck; Just-Us Racing, Mr. sevenfourseven, Cowboy and the Ronins
Salida to Cascade
50/115 to Colorado Springs, 24 to Cascade
117 miles, not very impressive


747 said...

Gilligin's island

747 said...

The man was a solid good human. Especially for some tattooed jerk who worked in a shit plant. He taught me everything I know about racing on tarmac. His smiling, laughing, and sarcasm will sure be missed. 217

cosmicowboy said...

So i'm at the Lone Dukck and some Fuck pulls in on a Harley! I say what the fuck is this Harley puke doing here! In walks the Doggie AKA Warren! So I says what do you want Harley fuck! We hang out I'm thing this guys ok for a Harley fuck! I go to piss and come back and there is his his bike! Not Bagger, not a wantabe! The real fucking deal! So I tag his scooter with a a Diamond sticker and a Tommy's sticker and tell him sorry I called you a Hardy fuck! You are the real Deal! Glad I met you Doggie! Hope I see you again! Cosmicowby!

warren said...

goddamn harley pukes