December 13, 2015

my greasy-ass ironhead

best guess is 30k on these pistons
shit fuels, too damn hot, too damn cold, so much rain, plenty of snow, sea level to 14,000', through the south, desert riding, Cananadia, all over the West, electrical ghosts, low oil, wrong oil,  so many dirt roads, some single track, constantly overloaded with camping gear
my friend needs a new top-end finally


Noot said...

You probably didn't even notice there was much wrong with it . . . Never sell it - I like how you ride yours everywhere.

warren said...

Actually the only reason I tore it down was because the rear piston was "pinging". Not like a detonation thing but because it was getting baggy in there. So I figured I should do something before I have to fish aluminum out of the lower end.