March 7, 2010

Heavy pig

I raced the 'Vegas to Reno' on a 84 XR 500. This is me about 7am, I usually don't get up till around noon.  ESPN had helicopters flying around and everybody seemed so awake.  I brought my buddy along just to take some pictures, he didn't wake up till after the race was over.  Prior to this I had never rode in the desert before, let alone 500 miles.  At about the 260 mile mark, my chase vehicle was not there..I mooched some gas and went on to the next gas stop thinking they would be there. The alternator went out of the box van so by the time time everything was sorted out the trucks and buggys were fast approaching at around 100mph. No fucking way did I want to be in front of them. So I called it quits around the three hundred mile mark. If I remember right, Ty Davis won with a average speed of 100 - 120 mph....Good times.

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Paul said...

Respect! Nice one dood!