March 6, 2013

Hi Jeff
  As you know I favor Rubber Glides. I've been thinking for a while 
it would be nice while chopping to not have to lift the motor in and out 
constantly. While percolating on this I figured it'd be nice to have some 
easily accessible flat and square(to a thous or so) surfaces to measure off of. 
I used the solid mount frame pictured as a welding jig (after a bunch of 
measuring to ascertain it's trueness) turned to parallel on my lathe the end 
pieces out of angle iron. The tubing is of course DOM. The last picts are the 
engine simulator tool in a Dyna. An multi-planar 
adjustable arm to the upper spherical rod link connector 
is in the planning phase.  

   Tom Rose
Mountain Legacy Inc.
   P.O. Box 828
  Dubois, WY 82513


steevenb43 said...

that is smart!

Steven Sharp said...

As I was reading this I'm thinking, this is full of TKRisms. Sure nuff. How's Tom these days?