May 11, 2014

last week, day five

My engine was backfiring through the carb so bad the night before I thought I'd bent a valve thus causing it to quit running. But with a dead battery it was hard to tell; yay AAA! I got a jump and everything spun around inside with the usual clatter, win. AND the truck driver let me know of an off-road shop that may have a TIG. 
 After walking all over town I found what I needed. I spoke with the owner and things were turning around. This shop is used to major fixes done in a hurry. I explained my budget but that I could also TIG well enough. For a very fair "user" fee he allowed me to weld up the lever myself in his shop. Total fucking win. So if your totally screwed in Moab and need a get-it-done shop, these are your guys; talented, friendly with a great attitude.
 With most of my issues worked out and a window in the weather opening up, I made a break for it.
 Its 30 miles from Moab proper to I-70. At mile marker 14 the engine quit without even a tree to hide under. It turned out to be my ghost: just a loose wire on the coil.

I plowed my way though a horrible head wind to Fruita. I found an electrical plug next to a Wendy's, crushed a cigarette and ordered the Baconator.
When I came out I met Jacob. This dude kept me entertained for the next 6 hours while all batteries charged up. He was headed from SLC to Pittsburg and has been on the road for the last few years. To say the least he had more then enough stories to tell and I was absolutely content with the company. Lesson learned: talk to people.  


Micro said...

great road trip!

WhitelinePsycho said...

Too good . . . always talk to those who most avoid, wonders will never cease to amaze.