May 12, 2014

Last week, day six through nine

 After listening to a self-proclaimed tweaker carry on till the gas station closed I found a delightful shed to hide behind for the night. Soft grass, stars and no trains made for some quality sleeping. The next morning I treated Jacob to some coffee and a McMuffin and cut out. Clear skies, warm weather and good black top made the ride to Carbondale just wonderful.

 The last bit of the trip was to be spent in Rifle Mountain Park; its a box canyon with more climbing routes than you can swing a dead cat at. We all left a little skin on the rocks and felt some good arm-pump, at least I did. The wimmins I was with are a bit more talented in this activity then I am and so there was plenty of shit-talking but inevitably I was properly put in my place.

 mmmmmm.....          climber-girls.......

Back up to Summit just in time for half-off sushi. I am a firm believer that choppers are more fun to ride while wearing a proper Hawaiian shirt and that sushi runs should be made on motorcycles. These are not my rules, I'm just happy to follow them.

At no point should any part of this tale be seen as negative. Sure I broke down every day, got wet, cold, trains, blah blah blah; It was all amazing. I managed to sort out all my issues without calling for a ride and I saw some amazing scenery while meeting some amazing people. It all made for a great time and tale. And it, sure as fuck, was better then being at work.


WhitelinePsycho said...

Top finish, next installment please.

GoneWithTheSunset said...

I'm jealous.

Jeff Wright said...

Good stuff!