October 31, 2007

Thanx for inviting me, Jeff. Please say hi to your frineds. This is my friend Cherry-san of BASARA MC.

At the last dealer show in Cincinnati, I seen this choice knuck at the Cobra booth out of all places. Cobra's a company known as manufacturers of exhaust pipes and accessories for Japanese cruisers, so I was kinda suprised. Cant remember the story exactly but the owner of the place found the bike and he restored it to its full glory. He said the bondo work on the frame was still good so it just got repainted and he was on his way to chopper freedom, man!
Someone dial 911! Billy Lane's bike is on fire!


October 30, 2007

1995 Humbolt Freedom Rally & Drag Race.
Sarah sands.
T-100C from under Chopper Charlies of Cincinnati's work bench.
Tom riding the extremely uncomfortable Mopackle featuring no brakes, weird 1- 1/2 throttle, blown out fork seals and a saw blade welded to the plumbing pipe handlebars. JT Nesbitt you've come a long way?......Flynch
Let it vino banner.

This Kenzo's Panhead has best condition on the Panhead which I came across so far.
And he runs very a lot.

I know, I know. This isn't the Church of Toyota blog but I went to the Toyota Museum this weekend in Torrance, CA. It was pretty rad! That photo on top, the red Toyota Stout, is my current most favorite of early Toyota pick ups. They were made in the late 60's and I still see a few putting around. I didnt even know it existed until I moved to CA. I love that truck! I'll have one someday... or I'll try and find a nice 1970 Toyota Hilux, bottom photo.

Top photo: "Toyopets" from the 50's. Center photo: high school friend in Hawaii, Leeroy Bonga Jr., owned that same wagon which I really dig. Last photo is the row of early FJ40 Landcruisers that, to this day, are still pulling Suburbans out of shallow ditches (especially white 1990 Suburbans that are owned by my friend Dave in San Diego). I cant wait to go to the Datsun museum...

So on the same trip to South America where i fond my uncle this also happened. In uruguay its typical to eat dinner at 10:00 PM. So we were out on our way to eat walking, and i see this old Matchless single parked on the sidewalk, outside an apartment building. I can't believe my eyes and i bend down to look at it. There were two guys at a newspaper kiosk sitting nearby, just when i was about to ask them if they knew who the owner was, he walks out of the building. As he walks up, i ask "what year is it?" His reply was this..."Its a 48, wanna ride it?" I was in Montevideo, which is the capital city. The whole city is intertwined with one ways and diagonal cross streets. So I'm out putting around on them and i can see the guy, but i can't figure out where i have to turn, to get back to where he is. This goes on for a half an hour or so, I'm havin a blast, and finally i find him, give his bike back and go have another delicious steak dinner.

October 29, 2007

Rico and Lisa covering miles.

choppers of tokyo
Stan Betz's El Camino tailgate.


last night
Kenzo and Aki

The next group of photos are a country road bar hop eight of us did last Saturday night. We covered about 200 miles. Most all of my photos were to blury to post. Good times.
This was a Gas Station/Bar
9.30pm Knoxville.
Heads on the Wall...This was at a RV Park/Bar about 100 miles south of town

I think this was in '01 or maybe '02. Cantstayjose wanted to rebuild his shovel, especially since he was getting his motor ready to race John Edwards in Palmdale. I was working at Chica's at the time and Jose used to come by and hang out at the shop a lot, so Chica let him rebuild his bike there and everyone pitched in. This was the first day it came back to life.
Nakameguro Tokyo

Dustin absolutly rules the world. A true friend and fisherman.

October 28, 2007