August 31, 2011

The Speed Merchant Sportster

The Speed Merchant Sportser #1
NOW Available!!
39mm Preload Fork Adjusters for Sportser, FXR & Dyna with narrow glide front ends
Coming VERY Soon...
Cast Aluminum Finned Derby Covers
This and more at www.TheSpeedMerchant.Net
The money will roll right in....Fang on blkbike now.
Boonie, Baby, and CoC in Ready Made
3 weekends in a row for Iowa Flat Track
Im glad your ok bro!

I hail these daily.
Glenn Barr is one of my favorite modern day painters.

I'm guessing that this was used in a insurance ad.
Painted in gouache, and picked up from the Illustration House in 1995.

 Also from the Illustration House 1993ish.
At the time I traveled home with buyers remorse. 
Today it means the world to me.
I do not know about the artist. The illustration was used in McCall's magazine, 
and we guest it to be Marlyn M.

 Jean Graton 
1923 - present

Master of Swish

Giovanni Boldini
1842 - 1931
2.5" x 5"  Here