February 28, 2008

me and Nelson


Submitted by Mitch and Dustin:

Submitted by Bob Clark - "Amazing Knucklehead cutaway. This meticulously detailed cutaway is just a taste of what's on display in the amazing showroom at Paughco's world headquarters in Carson City, Nevada. All parts move and are fully visible when the engine is turned over. Even the carb and barrel, on the primary side are dissected."
Submitted by Anastasia Percell.
I miss Garden Grove

i miss longbeach

Deus' SR500

February 27, 2008

We got up early.
Toshi said “Where are you going?”
I said “Nowhere! ”

We arrived at the port.
There. . .very cold and boredom..

We drink coffee first in the morning.

Toshi said....
Hey Mochi! It is cold and is boring here! And I was hungry!
I said. Yes, Me too!
We were hungry!!!
To the Chinese food restaurant of my friend, let's go!

A Chinese food restaurant of Acheng.
His cooking is good!!!
Thanx Acheng!!!
pee time!
We almost arrive at Tokyo...
It is Keihin industry district here. There is a cool district.
A good morning.

Submitted by Ben Kudon at Rivera Primo: This picture was taken in 1970 at Huntington Harbor (now Huntington Beach) before the area was developed. While in the process of taking a picture of the group, the cop pulled up to check out what was going on. After some minor harassment and no arrests the cop left and the group went on there way up PCH. The first guy in the line of bikes closest to the camera is John Ventriglia of Rivera Engineering / Primo Belt Drives fame. Note the 1 ¾” SU carb that Rivera Engineering got its start with in 1970. John’s bike was a chopped 1968 Police bike built by Dick Ellavsky of Atlas Precision Frames now located in Apple Valley, CA. The bike was purchased at a LA police auction for $850 and was custom painted by Crazy Art Fullington of Art’s Custom Colors in Covina. Art passed away in 2007. John is still alive.

February 26, 2008

Submitted by Anastasia Percell.
Submitted by Bob Clark:

Back in the early 70's Roger "Raja" King of Metalflake Cassano and I owned Chopper Specialties in Stanton, CA and Cycle Painting in Anaheim, CA. The Denver Choppers based bike in the photo was my personal ride that I built in my apartment. Went to work for Street Chopper/Hot Bike in 1974 and was the Editorial Director for the bike magazines and many other titles until 1995 when I retired. I now own a small marketing company catering to the custom motorcycle and automotive markets.

The bike has a Denver frame, 30" over Denver's springer, Paughco tank and fenders, Invader wheels, Moon oil bag, AEE lights and pegs, all chrome 96" Shovel and accessories fabricated at Chopper Specialties. Of course the paint was brilliant metalflake by Raja.

Submitted by Royal Hawaiian Pool Service. "Here is a revamp of our old logo with checkers. Gonna run these as work shirts soon.

Also our new deck releasing - "Tiki Team Model".
King Mochi!